The New Knickers on the Block:  Knix Wear

Move over Victoria’s Secret, there’s a new player in Panty Land!

I know, panties are taboo, and we’re not supposed to talk about them in public.  But, really?  We all wear underpants (well…ok, a large majority of people wear underpants), and we all know that everyone wears them, so why can’t we talk about them?  I don’t know either!  So I’m just going to go ahead and chat about knickers for a bit.  Please close this now if you’re offended by underpants (and then go sit in the corner and think about your silly behavior).


New Logos

My new logos are live!  A HUGE thanks to Binari Witanapatirana for the awesome design work.  Check her out at!

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

*Note:  I received this product from Prince Lionheart in exchange for an honest review.*

When we began researching balance bikes for Thing 1, we decided that we liked the minimalistic appearance and lightweight design of the wooden type.  After digging into the specifics of several, we decided upon the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike for style, previous positive experience with the company, and price point. Read on for our review!

Thoughts on Motherhood

Today’s treat is a little something I wrote at the end of my pregnancy with my now 4 month old little girl.  I was feeling especially tired and frustrated, which led me to contemplating the journey of motherhood.  Enjoy!