Love for L’ovedbaby

Somehow, before delving into this crazy world of blogging, it never occurred to me to find new companies to love through Facebook.  Yes, I’d occasionally “like” a company’s page to be able to print a coupon (think big box, like Old Navy), but that’s about it.  Then, as I began trying to network and get to know some of the baby/child geared companies, a whole new world was opened up.  One day, I had to “like” the page of a company I’d never heard of before in order to enter a contest; this new entity was L’ovedbaby, LLC.  Read on for the sordid (ok. not really, but that sounds so saucy and exiting) details of our budding relationship.
Before I even get into the products, let’s talk a bit about the company.  L’ovedbaby, LLC is the brain-child of Sharon Oved, CEO, who began the company with her nursing shawl concept.  The company has now evolved to include a full clothing line.  You can read more here.

One of the things I love about this company is that they are so actively involved with their customers via social media.  Each Tuesday, you can visit their Facebook page and enter to win free stuff!  Their Free-for-All Tuesdays are a fun collaboration with other companies to provide some give away fun for customers (and it was, in fact, one such collaboration that led me to discover L’ovedbaby!).  On Big Find Thursday, they offer an item at a discounted rate of $5, usually with a limit of 3 per customer, but often with the opportunity to purchase a 4th surprise item for $5 as well.  All of these things add a bit of fun to the shopping experience and bring me back to their page at least twice a week!

Our first foray into L’ovedbaby clothing was the Gl’oved-Sleeve Overall.  Here’s a photo of Thing 2 enjoying them for the first time.

In general, I really love these jammies.  The cotton is thick, soft, and very obviously high-quality and, most importantly, the baby seems comfy!  There are, however, a couple of things I wasn’t completely satisfied with:

  • My little cherub is…well, a bit cherubic.  These jammies are the snap up type, which is generally what I prefer.  However, although I ordered a size up, and they are plenty long enough, I found that my little chubby bunny was popping buttons (more in a “my boobs are too big and this shirt is gapping” kind of way than an, “I’m busting out and supremely uncomfortable” kind of way.  We did discover that, if you grab the jammies with your thumb on one side of the snaps and your fingers on the other side and gently lift the baby by the jammies, it stretches them out nicely.  Still (and I never thought I’d say this), I’d like to see a zippered option for those babies with a bit more chub.
  • I have two sensitive-skinned kiddos, so when I opened the package and saw the brand label sewn on the outside of the garment, I was beyond excited.  However, I was pretty disappointed to see a regular label also sewn on the inside.  I’d love to see a tagless option!
Since we ordered our first batch (yes, we ordered a second batch!) of the Gl’oved-Sleeve Overalls during a Big Find Thursday, we also received 2 of the headbands.  The headbands are soft, stay put fairly well, and have a convenient loop for attaching bows and clips.  I really liked them, with the exception of the big tag on them, but that was easily removed.
Our second order of Gl’oved-Sleeve Overalls came with a surprise baby-doll dress for $5.  
This dress is at once adorable, simple, and cozy, which is the clothing trifecta in my house.  During the warmer months, Thing 2 wears it by itself and loves it.  When it gets cooler, I can throw on some leggings underneath and a cardigan or sweater on top (I did try a onesie underneath, but I think that was too warm for her, because it just seemed to make her mad.  If I could buy this dress with sleeves, it would be perfect!
Speaking of leggings, our last order was for three pairs of them, and I can’t wait to order more.  They are the best pants we’ve ever put on Thing 2.  She’s clearly comfortable in them, they fit her well, and they’re so darn cute!  I think these are my favorite L’ovedbaby item yet!
Finally, we also tried the Reversible Bib.  
When I first opened the package, I couldn’t help but laugh at these.  They look incredibly tiny, and I was certain they were totally impractical.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  While I would not use these for eating time (unless your little one is a LOT more dainty than mine) they make a nice drool catcher that won’t get in the way of playing.
Now, I know you’re thinking, “This is awesome!  I can’t wait to get my hands on some L’ovedbaby!”, so I’ll tell you that they are having a big sale starting November 30, and their cotton basics (through 24 months) will be 50% off.  Take my word for it:  Buy!

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