Let’s Talk About the Birds & the Bees…

…Teas, that is!  I recently had the opportunity to partner with Birds & Bees Teas for a review and giveaway, and I’m excited to tell you guys about it!  Read on for the review, as well as a chance to win your very own tin of Birds & Bees Family Immunity Tea!
If you’re a tea drinker, you know that not all teas are created equal.  When I heard about Birds & Bees Teas, I was excited by the idea of a natural and organic tea labeled as “safe, gentle and nourishing for the whole family”.  It’s nice to know that I can let my kiddos sip my tea without concern about whether it’s safe for them to have!  I think the Birds & Bees Teas mission statement says it all:

“Our mission at Birds & Bees Teas is to encourage the health and well­being of mamas
and their families by offering 100% natural, organic and delicious herbal infusions. We
strive to only use the best possible ingredients and share current information on safe,
gentle and effective herbal tea use during pregnancy. Birds & Bees wants to share our
love of loose leaf blends by encouraging mamas to create a daily self­care habit of
sipping slowly. We believe that it’s important to support birth professionals, advocate for
evidence based care and give back to the community through organizations that
champion quality maternal health care for all.”

While Birds & Bees Teas is marketed mainly toward pregnant and breastfeeding women (with the exception of Family Immunity), they can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone.  Although I’m neither pregnant nor breastfeeding and, as such, chose the Family Immunity Tea as my sample to review, I would imagine that everyone could use a little Light Hearted antacid alternative or the peace, calmness and nutritional value of Peaceful Pregnancy (although, I’ll admit, you might have to hide the tin if you’re NOT pregnant, lest the rumors fly…).

Upon opening the tea, I immediately noticed the rich, sweetly spicy smell of the blend.  It was apparent that this was no over-processed and stale tea leaf combo.  I was a bit nervous, however, because there was a definite fruity component to the scent, and I really don’t care much for fruity hot tea.  My fears, however, turned out to be completely unfounded because the tea was absolutely amazing.  Even my husband, who normally only likes vanilla rooibos tea, enjoyed the Family Immunity, and my three year old liked it over ice!

At $18 per tin, the price tag can be a bit daunting for frugal minded mamas (I DEFINITELY fall into this category), and I probably would have laughed had you suggested that I would ever pay that much for tea leaves, I can now say that I would, without a doubt, part with $18 for this tea.  While I haven’t been drinking it long enough to really speak to its efficacy at boosting immunity (and I use other products, like essential oils, to keep myself and my family healthy and am, therefore, hardly a proper scientific sample), I can say that I found it to be soothing and enjoyable.  With its warm, red tea type flavor and hints of cinnamon and fruit, it makes a perfect evening unwind-from-the-day cup of peace.

You can find more products and information on Birds & Bees Teas at www.birdsandbeesteas.com.  And now for the most exciting part: Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for a chance to win your very own tin of Family Immunity. Let Birds & Bees help you and your family make a healthy start to the new year.

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