A Few of My Favorite Things…

Since opening my own crafting business a few months ago, I’ve truly come to understand how incredibly important it is for small businesses to support each other.  I’ve discovered several small shops whose products I love and, because I know word of mouth is crucial and appreciated for my own business, I thought I’d take the time to do a little shout out to those shops.  If you all like this, maybe I’ll make it a monthly post!

First, I have to shamelessly plug my own shop, Monkey Moose Designs.  I currently have dryer balls and baby blankets (rag quilts and double-sided flannel receiving blankets) listed, and I’m planning on beefing up my stock with burp cloths, more blankets, and my own version of baby legs, which I call Monkey Legs. I also do custom orders, so contact me!

The next shop is Divinely Inspired.  I love these products so much that I’ve purchased a sling, as well as necklaces for both my daughter and myself.  Let me just say that her teething necklaces are by far the best I’ve seen, and Thing 2 LOVES hers!  They are beautiful as well as functional, and they help tremendously with drool and crankiness.  Check it out!

For Christmas, I ordered gifts from Two Brothers Blankets for my sister in law, nieces and brother in law.  I’ve also purchased crocheted flower headbands for Thing 2 and a stocking cap for Thing 1.  And, I won a slouch hat for myself.  To say that I’ve developed an addiction to this shop is an understatement.  The proprietor is friendly and helpful, and service is prompt.  (No matter how good a product is, I never recommend it if I find customer service to be lacking, and I always HIGHLY recommend a shop with superior customer service and approachability.)

Another shop that I love to order from, even though it’s hard to justify the expense to the hubby since I sew as well, is Little Wonderland Boutique.  I discovered this shop by chance on Facebook and have since bought a variety of bows and headbands, some baby legs, and a custom skirt and bow for Thing 2.  Again, in addition to great products, the proprietor is approachable, friendly, prompt, and provides excellent customer service.

When I started using essential oils, I heard about using clay/terracotta necklaces as personal diffusers, and I wanted to find one for Thing 1 as a constant source of calming oil during the day. I found Brandalion Mudworks on Facebook and contacted the proprietor about oil diffuser necklaces.  They weren’t something that she currently made, so she created them just for me!  These necklaces were so awesome that I sometimes borrow one for myself (I ordered two for him).  I was beyond impressed with both the service and craftsmanship!

Check out these shops, and let me know what favorites you have!

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