doTERRA:  Gift of the Earth…For Mommies

So, it’s 4:30 am, and I’ve been up since 2 dispersing essential oils to the household.  Everyone is settled back to sleep now, so the sensible thing for me to do would be to go back to sleep myself.  I’ve never really put too much stock in “the sensible thing”.  Instead, let me briefly share why I’m so amped about my essential oils (it could also be the sleep deprived delirium…).

The initial wake-up was courtesy of Thing 1, who began coughing.  Since I could tell it was the kind of cough that was going to eventually wake him up, I braved the creaky floorboards (thank you 1960s house…I’ll appreciate those more when he’s a teenager and can’t so much as sneak to the bathroom without me hearing it), and snuck up to fill his diffuser with Rosemary and Eucalyptus.  5 minutes later, cough free sleep.  Cough-0, Mommy-1.
As I started to lie back down, I noticed that the wicked sore throat I’ve been fighting, which I’d thought I was mostly done with by last night, was trying for an encore performance.  I whipped out the On Guard, Melaleuca (you may know it as Tea Tree), and Oregano.  I was stinky, but feeling a bit better.  Sore Throat-0, Mommy-2.
A few minutes later, Thing 2 began her siren call.  I could tell after a few minutes that there was true distress, so I headed back upstairs, hoping the creaky floorboards wouldn’t wake Thing 1 again (wait…do they make an oil for that? Must research this…).  Turned out sweet girl had an upset tummy.  Two applications of Digest Zen and some mommy snuggles (she clearly didn’t mind my stinky Oregano), and she is now finally back asleep. Tummy-0, Mommy-3.
I did have a moment walking through the living room with a screaming Thing 2 where I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  Thing 1 had left a toy octopus out and I had neglected to pick it up before bed, not thinking much of it.  However, to the sleep-addled and distracted mommy brain, a toy octopus apparently looks like a man-eating spider.  Serenity to the rescue.  I’m giving the point to the toy octopus on this one, but I’m still coming out ahead.  Octopus-1, Mommy-3…and a half.
So, how do oils help you, and what’s your favorite?  I’d love to hear!  After I get a couple more hours sleep, that is.  *Fingers crossed*

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