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As a WAHM, I love to support small businesses and other WAHMs.  So, I was really excited when I got the opportunity to review Maple Hill Naturals, a company created and run by WAHMs looking to provide clean, safe alternatives for taking care of our families.  Plus, their products are handcrafted in the US, and a portion of every sale goes to charity.  How do you get better than that?!  Though they also make some lovely personal care items, like lip balm, soap and shampoo, for the purpose of this review, I received the XL Wool Dryer Balls and Natural Laundry Powder.  

So, I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh.  Great.  Another dryer ball.”  While the market does seem to be saturated with dryer balls right now, I can tell you that the Maple Hill dryer balls are not just “another dryer ball”.  These dryer balls do share the same general benefits that most dryer balls these days have (reduced drying time, reduced static, and natural softening), but they have a little something special too.  To start start, Maple Hill dryer balls come in 3 sizes, so you can choose whatever best suits your family’s laundry needs.  They also have an assortment of scent options (including some “manly” scents).  Most importantly (although my husband might think the manly scent options are most important), they are made in the USA with all domestic ingredients.  Nothing is imported.  In fact, all of their wool comes from a sheep farm in West Lafayette, IN.  I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty impressive.  It’s one thing to know that you’re supporting small business by buying handcrafted items, but to also know exactly where the materials come from?  That’s the cherry on top!  (And now, I want ice cream…)

I’ve long been a liquid laundry soap user, but when we started using cloth diapers, we found that a lot of the “cloth safe” detergents are powders.  So, I use powders now.  In fact, I tried a sample size of a liquid soap not too long ago and found that I now prefer powder.  But back to Maple Hill.  I tested their Lavender Vanilla Dream powder, and I was happy with the results.  I noticed no difference between the quality of wash with the Maple Hills and with our normal (admittedly, slightly expensive) big name, cloth safe powder.  I know, at first, that sounds as if this detergent didn’t stand out, but the opposite is true.  It stood out because it managed to be just as good as the expensive, big name stuff.  Except, with Maple Hill, I’m supporting a small business and the WAHMs that run it.  That makes me feel really good.  I’m also in love with the ingredient list.  I sampled the Lavender Vanilla Dream, so I’ll use the list from that particular scent: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Sodium Tetra Borate (a natural mineral), Water, Sodium Carbonate (a natural mineral), Essential Oils.  Hey!  I can pronounce ALL of those things.  Plus, did I mention that a portion of Maple Hill’s proceeds benefit charity?  Can you say “warm fuzzies”?! 

The only complaint I have is that I found the Lavender Vanilla scent to be a little overpowering, although only from the product itself.  The clean laundry didn’t have a strong scent at all.  However, this could just be me, rather than the product.  I typically use unscented everything because I have a super sensitive sniffer, and we have issues with extremely sensitive skin and eczema.  So, the only thing I would change is to perhaps get the unscented versions. If you’re sitting around, feeling overwhelmed by that immense pile of laundry threatening to take over your house, why don’t you procrastinate a little longer (you can always re-wash that load if it starts smelling musty) and head over to and pick out a little something to make laundry more fun? 

Edited to add:  Maple Hill Naturals has generously extended a discount code for my fabulous readers.  Use code TWOFAULT to get 25% off your entire purchase at Maple Hill Naturals.  *Limit 1 coupon code per customer. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 7/27/14*

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