Iced Bawls Challenge… Wherein My Child Dumps Stuff on My Head

I’ll be doing a post about the Extra-Life campaign soon, but I wanted to go ahead and share this video too.  I was challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  Instead, I opted to dump Iced Bawls (a popular caffeine beverage in the gaming world) to promote our Extra-Life campaign in October.

A brief overview:  Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon.  Gamers get sponsors (donations) and live stream themselves doing what they do best in order to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.  My husband will be playing, and I’ll be doing a few fun things on the blog to include you all in the journey!  Until then….watch Thing 1 dump sticky iced beverage on my head.  If you want to donate, you can go to

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