Looking Forward to Verizon Spring Forward: What’s Hot?

So.  Many of you know that I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a fashion maven–a fact I was reminded of this morning when I took Thing 2 to school in her dress for Easter Bunny pics, only to see just about every other little girl wearing leggings and tunics (that’s another story)–but we are a fairly high tech family (and by that, I mean Mr. TFT is high tech and the rest of us stand next to him hoping we look cool too), so I’m really excited about tomorrow.

You see, I was invited to attend the Verizon Spring Forward: What’s Hot? event tomorrow.  We’ll be learning about this season’s fun, hot tech, accessories and apps.  Some of the devices we’ll be learning about are: UE Mini Boom Wireless Speaker, Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker, Belkin Netcam (HD) Camera with Night Vision, FitBit, and WeMo Switch.

I’m personally very excited to learn about the UE Mini Boom and the Flip 2.  In fact, I was just telling Mr. TFT that we need a good way to play our music upstairs in the kids’ rooms (dragon tea parties are way cooler when there’s music) and outside while we’re working and playing in the yard.  Dance parties everywhere!

My fitness coach (ok, I don’t really have one of those, but it sounds nice, right?) would love for me to get a FitBit to increase motivation and negate the lies I tell myself about calories burned.  I’m really thinking that I’ll leave tomorrow’s event at least 5 lbs skinnier just from learning about the FitBit!

How much easier would it be to spy on your kids with the Belkin Netcam?  I mean, seriously.  HD and Night Vision?  No more parties up in THAT crib!  Get back in bed!  Your kids don’t want me to learn about this one and share my knowledge.  But I will.  Oh yes, I will.

The WeMo Switch is actually a fairly intriguing concept.  Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you could turn off the lights in your house using your smartphone once you finally wrangle all the children into the minivan and realize that you left every light in the house on after searching for junior’s favorite green sock.  Or, turn the lights on when you get home after dark so you don’t trip, break your leg, AND wake the sleeping child on your way to the light switch.  For those of you with older kids: Imagine the fun you could have at sleepovers, all from the comfort of your own bed.  Wait until the scary stories start, then get out your smartphone and play with the lights.  This one is going to be fun!

Joking aside, If you guys have questions about any of these devices (or related topics), post them here, and I’ll try to get answers for you!  

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