Keep Calm and Carry On

Today’s post concludes the Week of #LILLElove with a review of the newest LÍLLÉbaby carrier, the Carry On.
The Carry On is made of the same ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking mesh as the Airflow which, if you read my review earlier this week, you already know is seriously cool. (See what I did there?)  Since Thing 2 still fits fairly well in the standard sized  LÍLLÉbaby, I use the Carry On primarily for Thing 1, and he loves it.  

To give you some size reference here, Thing 1 is 4.5 years old, 38 lbs, and about 38″.  Mr. TFT (wearing him here) is 6’2″.  As you can see, Thing 1 fits quite nicely in the Carry On, with good knee to knee coverage and back support up to his shoulders.  You can even pull the hood over his head, were he to fall asleep.  

I will say that I frequently carried Thing 1 in our Complete Organic with no issues, but putting him in the Carry On made a world of difference.  The body of the carrier has a wider footprint with padding on the legs, and the shoulder straps and waist belt are also wider, all of which help distribute the weight better.  It truly makes for a more comfortable experience for both mom and little one.  

A few other convenient features are: 

  • Lumbar support:  The Carry on comes with the same amazing lumbar support as the other LÍLLÉbaby carriers
  • Three position (Front, Back, Hip) ergonomic carrying for children up to 60 lbs
  • Three-Way Straps, allowing for maximum adjustability (fantastic when you have parents with two very different frames!)
  • Pockets: There is a large zippered storage pocket, as well as an easy to reach pocket for storing the hood and other essentials.

Of course, the Carry On works wonderfully for Thing 2 as well and, since I have it, I use it when I am out and about with only her.  Toothless the Night Fury says it is just a tad too roomy for a newborn…(Yes, the dragon wearing was heavily influenced by Thing 1.)

One of my favorite things I can do now that I have both an Airflow and a Carry On (dare I say that I am doubly cool?), I can also comfortably tandem wear, which comes in handy on those days when nobody is listening, Daddy is working late, Mama is losing her mind, and each kid comes walking up with a carrier asking to be worn.

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