Verizon Spring Forward:  What’s Hot Event

What do you think when you hear “Verizon”?  For me, it used to be, of course, “cell phones”.  Then, last week, I went to the Verizon Spring Forward: What’s Hot event, and oh my.  They are seriously more than cell phones!  Wanna hear about the other awesomesauce devices and accessories they carry?  That’s a rhetorical question:  of course you do!
If you follow me on Twitter at all, you’ve probably seen my dance party pics.  One of the devices we learned about at the #VerizonSpring event was the UE Mini Boom.  I got one to take home and, you guys?  We are IN LOVE!  It’s so easy to set up (just power on, hit the Bluetooth button, and select the device on your smartphone), and we can use it everywhere!  I take it upstairs to the kids’ rooms, we used it outside while gardening, and we turned it on for some lovely dinnertime tunes.  Mr. TFT is already planning a purchase of a second one, because you can link two together to get stereo sound.  Yeehaw!  (Oh, and bonus: you can answer your phone while it’s connected for music and use it as a speakerphone.  Mama’s life just got easier!)
Another device we learned about was the Moto 360, and I. Am. In. Love.  This is such a cool watch (and I’m pretty sure Mr. TFT will be getting one for Father’s Day, because I’m far too excited about it to not buy one).  It is an Android Wear device, which means that lots of the fun things you can go with your Android phone, you can now do with your smartwatch.  You can, “Ok Google.”  You can download an app to control your smart thermostat.  Need to send or receive hangouts messages?  Go for it.  Got an urgent email?  Check it.  Want to monitor your heart rate?  Done. The list goes on!  It also comes with a handy charging dock, thought the battery will last all day, and is IP 67 certified (dust and water-resistant).  I actually kinda want one for myself…
These were my faves, and the ones I could see REALLY making parenting easier, but here are some highlights of other devices/accessories we were shown:

  • Kate Spade back-up battery: Ok, so we didn’t learn much about this one, but I thought it was really cute, and it opened my mind to the possibilities of having something other than the plain black backup I borrow sometimes from Mr. TFT.
  • Garmin VivoFit:  This fitness tracker is battery operated (so no charging required), and the battery lasts over a year.  It also tells you when you’re inactive, although if your children are like mine, you already have inactivity monitors in your life.
  • FitBit Flex:  What I liked most about this fitness tracker was that it tracks your sleep modes!  I’m not sure that I need to see a daily reminder of the crappy quality of sleep, but maybe it will bolster my “Mama needs bi-weekly massages” argument?  For those of you who are fashion minded, you can also get Tory Burch covers for this.  Snazzy.
  • Belkin Netcam HD:  If we didn’t already have another very similar system, I would have been very interested in this.  It’s a video security cam, which has a lot of the same features as systems like the DropCam.  So, it has two-way communication, cloud storage for recorded videos, night vision, etc.  This would make a handy video baby monitor system, if you’re looking for one. 
  • WeMo Switch:  You can plug this into a light (or, it can also be used on a surge protector to control multiple!) and turn your lights on and off via your smartphone.  I can think of so many possibilities for this, from the handy (not breaking my neck making it from the door to the lightswitch carrying a sleeping child when I forget to leave a light on before leaving the house) to the fun (mess with your kids at sleepovers, y’all)!
If you need your life to get a little easier, I seriously encourage you high tech your life a little with some of these devices.  Verizon even has Smart Stores, set up according to lifestyle, where you can test these things out!  Yeah buddy!

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