#WinItWednesday: Let’s get HAPPY!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a giveaway, and it’s been…well, a trying week over here.  So….let’s have #WinItWednesday!

I’m going to keep this fairly simple. To enter, comment below with one GOOD thing that has happened for you this week.  That’s it!  Tomorrow morning, I’ll let random.org pick a winner.

I’ll start: This week, I wrote a book review I was particularly fond of, and the author tweeted me back about how much she liked it.  So much happy!  (I’m a nerd. I know.)

Ok, your turn. Oh, and the prize: 3 Happy Family Fiber & Protein pouches, 1 bag of Happy Yogis, a coupon for a free pack of Happy Family Nutrition Shakes, and a Happy Family tote bag!

Have a great day, y’all!

One Response to “#WinItWednesday: Let’s get HAPPY!”

  1. Andrea Gee

    One good thing that happened to me this week is my son is starting to take a few steps by himself trying to walk! I was so shocked the first time he did it I could have cried!

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