Abundtant Love Allergen Friendly Baking

I’ve been busily testing out products since the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly convention a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you: it’s been tasty!

Since holiday baking is now upon us, and we often find ourselves in need of a last minute baked good for one party or another, I thought I’d share some Abundtant Love with you first.

As I’m sure you ALL know, life can get hectic sometimes. Before you know it, you look at the calendar and realize that you need to bake something for your kid’s party the next day. Oh, and not only does your child have allergies, but there’s also the kid in the class who, like little Thomas in My Girl is allergic to just about everything. It’s long been my dream to be able to just reach in the cabinet and pull out a baking mix that is basically completely allergen friendly so I don’t have to have 15 different obscure types of flour handy for an allergy that nobody in my family has.

Guess what? Abundtant Love has JUST such a product! So, when Thing 2’s class Halloween party snuck up on me and I was reminded that I’d volunteered to make the cupcakes in an effort to ensure they would be something my child could actually have, I reached into my product stash from GFAF and pulled it out. 

These mixes come together so very easily, and they actually taste good! Sometimes, the world of allergen friendly food can be less than delicious, but this stuff was amazing. In fact, Thing 2’s teachers even commented on how much the kids loved the cupcakes. Total mom win!

Now, I just used the basic mix, as is, and didn’t try anything fancy with it. But, one of the things I love is that the Abundtant Love webpage has variations, suggestions and tips. So you don’t even have to come up with your own creative options when your brain can only focus on getting the baking done so you can sleep before the children are up jumping on your face…(come on–that can’t just be MY kids…)

The proof from a picky child? Here’s an exact conversation I had with Thing 1 this morning:

Me:  “Hey Ethan, remember those giant cupcakes I made for your sister’s class and let you eat one of? What word would you use to describe them?”

Thing 1: “Uh. Yummy.”

And there you have it.

Oh, and for those who truly are gluten free? They sell vanilla extract too!

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