I have a Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas Tech University, where I specialized in Literature and Language studies.  My academic focuses were Mythology and Folklore, Old and Middle English Literature, and Science Fiction and Fantasy as Literature. 

Since graduation, I have worked as a bookstore manager; a tutor; a Freelance Writer; and a Configuration Analyst in the Aerospace Industry. Currently, I hold a variety of positions:  Kindergartner Wrangler, Toddler Wrangler, Diaper Changer, Kindergartner Wrangler, Shopper, Toddler Wrangler, Kindergartner Wrangler, House Cleaner, Laundress…in short, a SAHM.  Oh, and I’m also a blogger, dabble in sewing, and review books (my book blog is Room on the Shelf).

I live in the DFW area with my son (Thing 1), daughter (Thing 2), and two dogs that could double as ponies.  Here’s to my muses!