A Week of #LILLElove


Over the course of the next week, I’m going to be highlighting a little something LILLE every day.  Today, to celebrate leaping past 500 Facebook fans and 1000 Twitter followers, I’m going to share a #littleLILLElove with you guys.  Now through next Friday, you can enter to win a LÍLLÉbaby® doll carrier for the wee ones in your lives. 

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as imaginative play, and what do kids love to do more in play than imitate?  Thing 1 and Thing 2 both love our doll carrier (in fact, I’m going to have to buy a second one soon, because they argue about who gets to wear it and for how long and, since Thing 2 doesn’t have a huge vocabulary yet, this results in much shrieking).  The LÍLLÉbaby® doll carrier lets kids nurture their stuffed animals and dolls just like Mom and Dad do for them.  I’m all for encouraging a little nurturing!

Free Range

It’s 3:45 am on a Saturday, and I’ve been up for an hour with Thing 1, who is just so excited about going to visit Grandma and Grandpa on the farm that he can hardly stand it.  He just requested that I go ahead and put his suitcase in the car.  And wake him back up as soon as there is daylight.

I could easily be annoyed with these pre-dawn antics, but instead, I’m oddly delighted.  I love that my little boy gets excited for these trips like nothing else.  This is not an expensive trip to some theme park or toy store–it costs nothing more than the gas money to get there.  The glamour of the farm is playing in the dirt, building things with Grandpa, and chasing Grandma’s “roombug” (Roomba) around the house.  In short:  imagination and family.  And it’s refreshing and heartwarming that a little boy who can, admittedly, get a bit wrapped up in the consumerist society we live in still finds such joy in these simple things.

So, to my parents I say: Thank you for giving my son the innocent joy and wonder of the free range.  And I look forward to his sister discovering the same.

#miniSPbdaybash Day 3!


I’m thrilled to be helping out with Day 3 of #miniSPbdaybash, and today’s prizes are pretty darn fabulous!  You all know I’m a huge fan of LILLEbaby (see some high points here, and keep an eye open for a review of the new, redesigned Complete Airflow, coming soon!). 

In addition to a beautiful new LILLE, this prize package includes Chompy Chic Chewelry and AppleCheeks cloth diapers.  We don’t need more cloth diapers (I know, I know…that’s blasphemy, and I’ve heard great things about AppleCheeks), but I am seriously digging the babywearing accessories at Chompy Chic. Why am I just now learning that this is a thing?!  Gah!

Anyway, without further ado (but with a great big Happy Birthday shout out to #miniSP, enter here to win!

The Secret

If you follow me (and I know you all do, right?), you know that I reviewed an Elizabeth Hunter book, Shifting Dreams, not too long ago.  You’ll also know that I’m a lot in love with her writing style.  So, when the opportunity came up to help out with the cover reveal for her third Irin Chronicles book, The Secret, I totally raised my hand in the air and jumped up and down squealing, “Me! Me! Pick me!” (Or, you know, clicked, “Comment” on Facebook…same difference, right?)  Here it is, in all its beauty!


These Pants Will Blow Your Mind…

I’d like to introduce all you cloth diapering mamas and mamas considering cloth (and the rest of you, too, because it’s a good resource for many things homemade) to Harp Diapers.  Harp is a shop I wish I’d known about when we first started cloth diapering, and one that I know I’ll continue to stalk even once we’re done with diapers.  Read on to find out why!

Shifting Dreams (Cambio Springs Book One)

Some of my current favorite genres are Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy.  I love a good mystery, a strong female protagonist, and a little romance.  A while back, I discovered Elizabeth Hunter through the first book in her Irin Chronicles series, The Scribe.  I instantly fell in love with her writing style, stalk….er followed her on Facebook, and began to search out more of her work.  When the opportunity to review Shifting Dreams, the first installment in her Cambio Springs series, presented itself, I jumped.  And I’m so very glad I did.